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Felina - Cat Lamp
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A little ball of purr is here to illuminate your dark nights. Give it a tap or poke. Felina brightens up your room with warm light, chasing the gloom away for a peaceful good night’s sleep.

  • Submissive Cat: You've found the most obedient cat in the world! Felina does as controlled. Get it activated in two ways. Instantly turn it on with one tap or operate from meters away using its powerful remote. Easy to control, easy to use.
  • Cuddly Kitty: Made safe for touching, this ball of bouncy purr is produced from BPA-free soft silicone, without any sharp edges. Feel free to pet or cuddle Felina not worrying about pointy edges or toxic chemicals.
  • Bring Life to Your Room: Multi-colored and flexible, Felina lets you match your moods with its 7 different changing colors including red, orange, yellow, neon green, blue, apple green, and purple. Set it to dance or keep it static. Perfect for a bedtime story or even for a slumber party!
  • Purry Comforting: Just like a live cat, this kitty lamp is a source of comfort. Its warm light and friendly face help make kids feel safe at night so you can put them to sleep in a swift.
  • Power Saver: Conserves energy! Felina automatically shuts off after 2 hours of inactivity. Enjoy hours of continuous sleep with no interrupting worries of turning the lamp off.
  • Safe to Wash: Made of washable Silicone, this cute kitty night light allows you to bathe it for grooming so it always lights up your room efficiently. Use room-temperature water and mild soap to remove heavy dirt.
    • Material: Silicone+ABS
    • Light Colors: Red / Orange/ Yellow/ Neon Green/ Blue/ Apple Green/ Purple
    • Power: 0.4W
    • Battery: 1200mAH Lithium
    • Charge Port: Micro USB
    • Working Life: 50000 hours
    • Charging Time: 3 - 4 hours
    • Working Time: 15 hours in normal white light mode, 12 hours in colorful breathing mode
    • Package Includes: 1 x LED Multicolor Night Lamp, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Remote control, 1 x User manual

    *Note: To save power, Felina automatically turns off after 2 hours of inactivity.